Our company was founded in 1959 by David E. Huber, a Notre Dame School of Metallurgical Science graduate. While working at a National Space science lab, he formed the notion of a company to have as its business mission to innovate and to decipher everyday engineering problems related to wear and corrosion of metallic substrates. Upon launching Imagineering, he developed boutique coatings for aerospace and automotive application during his career and consulted many of the Fortune 1000 industrial firms. He sold his business to the current President/CEO, Jim Hammer, in 1996.

Since 1996 Imagineering has expanded its asset base by 450%; staff of employees by 330%; with revenue improvement of approximately 500%. The Imagineering brand is globally acknowledged as the KnowledgeSourceâ„¢ for Metal Finishing.

Imagineering Enterprises is a provider of metallurgical consulting and process applications in a wide range of markets where finish is merely a beginning. Our processing facilities are certified to world class quality and environmental standards, and we were one of the first metal finishing companies in the world to achieve TS-16949, ISO 9001, AS 9100 and Nadcap quality program accreditations, in addition to attaining the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification. Through our commitment to the principles of Total Quality Management, we develop and maintain a synergistic relationship with each one of our customers. By employing these high level quality systems we make it easier for our customers to manage the supply chain. Electroless nickel plating, phosphates, chromate conversion, dry-film lubricants and specialty paints – we provide metal finishing solutions beyond the surface.

Imagineering Finishing Technologies

Evaluation Process

The solution begins with evaluation. We determine your specific needs by a thorough evaluation and testing of the substrate, its characteristics, function and condition. Our process engineers are matched to the task, regardless of which cleaning, plating, coating or testing process is specified. We have catalogued more than 2,000 specifications, so chances are, we have yours.

Code of Ethics

Our overall policy requires that all our business dealings be conducted in an ethical manner with honesty, integrity, sincerity, and good conscience. We do not believe that profit should result from actions that are harmful to others.

Our commitment to our clients is to make each customer a satisfied customer. Our goal is to deliver what we promise in a timely manner at a fair price which fully meets our high quality standards.

We are committed to deal honorably with our employees at all levels and to treat them fairly and equitably.

Our Customers and Clients are a key support group; we are committed to treating them with dignity and respect, as they are the number one reason for our existence.

We recognize that we have definite obligations to our suppliers and creditors, both long and short term, and that we must live up to them.

The Assets of Imagineering Enterprises, Inc. belong to our Shareholders. All employees have an obligation to refrain from diverting company assets for personal use.

We shall not put our own interests before the customer’s or our company’s best interest by self-dealing. Nor shall we promote a team member’s good work as our own.

We recognize that we have an overall responsibility to society at-large and a specific responsibility to the community in which we operate. We plan to conduct our business so as to protect both the social and physical environment from being adversely affected by our operations.

Strategic Partners

Imagineering understands that to be a successful company you need to rely on the experience and technical advice of your key suppliers. You also need to know that they can deliver what they promise and be able to count on them. Through rigid approval criteria, we select suppliers on their reliability to guarantee their metal finishing products.

As world class vendors are called upon to improve the value-chain of supply, our strategic alignments with Enthone, Henkel, Heatbath, Sandstrom and other key suppliers assist in providing our customers with a distinct competitive advantage.

A strong network of resources and long-term relationships continually drives our improvement process. Our relationships with our customers and suppliers involve a broad range of markets, from aerospace, computers, medical technology and automotive, to name only a few.

Quality Standards

Through our commitment to the principles of Total Quality Management, we develop a synergistic and symbiotic relationship with each and every one of our customers and employees. This ensures our customers receive the best metal finishing solutions possible. Imagineering’s team of highly trained professionals upholds superior standards and maintains the strictest compliance to specifications for each customer without fail. Participative training, continuous improvement activities, and internal and external process performance audits assures we live up to our quality standards. At Imagineering we don’t believe in quality as a department or line function. We believe quality is a way of life!