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3722 Foundation Court
South Bend, IN 46628
Phone: 574.287.0642
Fax: 574.807.8846

Foundation Court Location – South Bend, Indiana

Imagineering Finishing Technologies, one of the leading US metal finishing companies, opened its South Bend Foundation Court facility in 2007 in an effort to promote new and green technologies. We are currently processing parts with Henkel’s Alodine 5200 product which is a RoHS compliant chromium free conversion coating.

Alodine 5200 was approved chemistry for the replacement of the old technology chromium based chemfilm used in the past. Soon it will include an automated paint line and new green pretreatment processes for a large well known heavy machinery producer in cooperation with Henkel.

We process in 5500 gallon tanks with our main business segment being military vehicle and automotive applications. Our process is set up to support high throughput demanding customers, as well as support special engineering and prototype operations. Our typical turn time is 24-48 hours. We have very strict quality controls in place with the nature of our business.

The Foundation Court facility also processes paint, dry film lubricants, manganese and zinc phosphate, magnetic particle inspection (MPI), flourescent penetrant inspection (FPI), and stainless steel passivation.

South Bend Sample Street Facility

Contact Information:
1302 W. Sample St.
South Bend, IN 46619 USA
Toll Free: 800.207.2516
Phone: 574.287.2941

Sample Street Location – South Bend, Indiana

Imagineering Finishing Technologies was founded in 1959. One of the leading US metal finishing companies, its main facility is located on Sample Street in South Bend, Indiana.

The facility operates electroless nickel, chemfilm, dry film lubricants, painting, phosphate coating, non-destructive testing (NDT), and passivation processing lines. This facility has AS9100, ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001 certifications, and is NADCAP accredited for chem processing and NDT (PT/MT).

2719 N. Emerson Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46218
Toll Free: 866.393.6065
Phone: 317.635.8565
Fax: 317.635.8767

North Emerson Ave – Indianapolis, Indiana

Imagineering Finishing Technologies, one of the leading US metal finishing companies, opened its Indianapolis facility in 2007 to more fully serve regional and national markets. The 35,000 square foot plant is strategically located just off the I-70 expressway on North Emerson Avenue on the east side of the city.

The facility operates state-of-the-art electroless nickel and chemfilm processing lines, both magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI), phosphate, passivation, paint, and dry film. The NDT department is NADCAP accredited and the facility is AS9100 certified for electroless nickel processing.