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Imagineering Finishing Technologies was approached by a global automotive component supplier to produce a phosphate coating for engine components so that they could withstand the rigorous environment of SAE oil qualification. In order for accurate results during the qualification process, it was imperative that the engine components were consistently coated so that the wear of the components would be due to the oil and not the components.

Using a manganese phosphate coating on specially-made forged steel components, the coating reduced friction, held lubrication on the surface, prevented corrosion, and created an oil-absorptive surface. We tested the components for coating weight, coating structure analysis, and engine wear as well as performing dimensional inspections. Our tolerances on this project were .0002″ and we met proprietary automotive and SAE specifications.

With over 50 years of metal finishing experience, Imagineering has the ability to handle intricate and unique jobs. Please see the table below for and outline of this phosphate coating project or contact us for additional information.

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Highlights of this Manganese Phosphate Coating of Engine Components Project

Product Description

Phosphate Coatings of Engine Components for SAE Oil Qualification

Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • IFT worked with a global automotive component supplier on the development of a highly-controlled manganese phosphate coating process
  • The components were specially made and were installed into “identical” engines that were used to qualify engine oils to SAE standards
  • The manganese phosphate coating process needed to consistently yield identical coating results so that wear of the components could be attributable to the specific oil used rather than inconsistencies in the engine components or coatings used
Tightest Tolerances


Material of Component

Forged steel

Materials of Coating

Manganese Phosphate

Benefits of Coating

Reduce Friction
Initial break-in of engine
Hold lubrication on the surface
Prevent corrosion
Create oil-absorptive surface later

In process testing/inspection performed

Coating weight test
Dimension inspection
Coating structure analysis
Engine wear test

Industry for Use


Standards Met
  • Proprietary automotive specifications
  • SAE specifications
Product Name

Manganese Phosphate Coatings